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The skin is the mirror of our life and is as individual as we are. 
We believe in a humanity that accepts its own skin as it is, at all times.
We oppose outdated ideals of beauty with tolerance and enlightenment. And products whose effect goes far under the skin.


For several decades now, the Creaderm brand has enjoyed the trust of many people.

Now we are continuing the success story. In our Creative Dermatology, we combine the best of old and new: sound knowledge and many years of research in our own laboratories in combination with innovative, highly effective substances. We consistently pursue a holistic approach that focuses on the individual. 

The result: modern effective cosmetics.

With it, we open up the space between the pharmaceutical and cosmetic worlds.


Skin care re-thought holistically - that is Creaderm's active cosmetics.

In developing our products, we open our eyes to the whole person: their individual skin concerns, their lives, and their values. 

We are convinced that it is time to offer people products that are holistically good for them, from a manufacturer who is honestly on their side. We understand active cosmetics as the interplay of highly effective products and inner acceptance of one's own skin concerns.


We have always been mindful, curious, and passionate about our work. We are a team that has joined forces in an intuitive yet goal-orientated way: Entrepreneurs, creatives, researchers, and laboratory technicians. On a normal day, we experienced how this combination full of determination can create a new kind of sense of togetherness.

Current names of cosmetic active ingredients led us more concretely than ever before into the diversity, nature, and uniqueness of purist essences in particular. Full of enthusiasm and interactively, we generated ideas on how to develop new sustainable promises of effectiveness for people with skin irritations. We are particularly interested in this target group. Too often we have had to experience how strong the desire of these people is to feel good in their skin. Those skin problems lead the affected persons to experiences full of resignation, shame, and rejection.


To alleviate skin changes, to make beauty possible through effect, our innovative product development must be put on track in this sense. Our values, our shared spirit of creating a unique effect, characterize our will to discover.
Integrating something extraordinary into consumers' skincare rituals - directly onto the skin - was the exciting team moment that gave rise to the CREADERM brand.

Our products should be experienced differently and effectively. Our promise to revitalize and thus noticeably change the skin can be experienced by our customers every day they use our products, which have been developed specifically for their skin problem. They will be able to feel a newfound self-acceptance, increasing their personal well-being day by day.


As a team, we share the ambition to create an unusually surprising solution with experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm! For people who love us for our inspiration!

For us, CREADERM means Creative Dermatology. After intensive research work in our development laboratories, an effective cosmetic brand was created which, by combining cosmetic and medical knowledge, provides a recognisable correction of skin irritations. Skin compatibility has always been an essential supplementary condition for us. With this development, CREADERM achieves an almost therapeutic influence on people in addition to the respective product benefits.

What does this mean for our customers?   CREADERM - much more than just effect!